miercuri, 9 iunie 2010


"Day one. Dope free. I went to the clinic today and got the first dose of methadone.
I'm out of dope so I threw away all my rigs.
Day two. I can't believe it's been two days without junk.
Fucking smack, it just ruins peoples' lives.
At first it seems so sweet, then you wake up next to a monster.
Day three. I haven't had anything for three days now.
This withdrawal is killing me. It's like shock therapy to my guts.
Day four. Last visit to the clinic. My whole body feels like it's cracking into pieces.
Fragile doesn't even come close to describing how I feel.
Day five-- I'm sick as a dog, but this handful of painkillers
and a lotta whiskey's gonna get me through.
Day six-- When I'm left to my own devices I go fucking insane.
I'll never use heroin again.
Day seven-- I can't believe I'm clean!
Day eight-- Everyone says I look better--
Day nine-- The parasites are panicking--
Day ten-- They seem amazed that I'm alive!"

Versurile de mai sus sunt un sample din ceea ce citesc acum. Nu pot sa cred ca am in sfarsit cartea asta in mana. Am intors-o pe toate partile, am citit fiecare pagina de cate doua ori sa fiu sigura ca nu-mi scapa nimic.

Pure rock'n'roll history. Pure narcotic.

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