duminică, 13 iunie 2010

The heroin diaries

Am terminat cartea. A fost exact asa cum mi-am imaginat-o. Si pentru ca oricat as incerca eu sa sumarizez probabil s-ar pierde din esenta cartii, va las cu cateva citate si parti care mi s-au parut mie mai interesante.


"The best part of freebase is before the first hit. I love that moment, right before I put the glass pipe to my lips...that moment when everything is sane, and the carving, the salivating, the excitement all feel fresh and innocent. It's like foreplay...the ache that's always better than orgasm."


"One could say that I've been having a 10cc love affair...my mistress is so seductive. She sneaks, she lies - in fact, she will lie dormant, if that's what's needed to seduce me from my lifetime commitment (my music). Some could say I'm married to my music. Others...fuck them..."


"What is it about antiques that intrigue me? There's a feeling of history, a story not so plain to see, that seeps from the wood. It somehow makes me feel comfortable. I almost bought an old coffin today, but I couldn't think where to keep it in this house. The house is shrinking."


"So there I was...naked, strung out, my shotgun loaded, knowing people were about to break into the house..were they coming to save me, or to get me? So I quickly flushed my drugs down the toilet and waited for what was about to happen. My biggest decision was this... do I go quietly, or shoot to defend myself?

Now I wake up to discover it was just another night of insanity. I didn't press any button and nothing happened...except I flushed all my fucking drugs down the toilet again."


"I woke up this morning and the house is littered with bottles and empty bindles and cigarette ashes...it's a disaster zone. There are people lying around, some naked, some partially naked...I walked into the bathroom to find Steven Adler fucking that girl we like to call Slave...and Slash pissed in the spare bed in his sleep. It's at times like this that I wish all these people would go away..."


"So I patiently explained to the guy that we need it painted black, and we need a naked girl painted on the outside. Ha started shuttering that they couldn't paint it black and I just gave him a look and said, Oh, that's a shame, we can't take it then. We agreed on a compromise - the girl can be riding a bomb on the side of the plane."


"Just woke up. Finally about 10:30 this morning I ordered two shots of Jack for breakfast so I could go back to sleep. The room service lady was about 65 and she gave me that grandmotherly look of disapproval. The fact that I had more makeup than she did probably didn't help."


"Hint: Never go to Mick's side of the stage for water. I gulped some down last night and just about puked...it was pure vodka. I think he's buffering his sorrow over that bitch he was with. I think a gun would cure his sorrow a lot better and faster. Shouldn't murder be legal for gold diggers?"


"Me and Tommy stole the limo last night. It was funny as hell. When we got back to the hotel and our driver got out of the car to open the door for us, we locked the doors, jumped over the seat and drove the car off. He was chasing us around the hotel parking lot and we accidentally crashed it through the hotel gate. The guy was so fucking pissed and then the hotel manager came out yelling, telling us to get the fuck out of his hotel. Fred Saunders had to talk him out of fucking calling the police. We said we were sorry (of course we're not) and didn't get kicked out the hotel. Maybe 'cause we've spent about $30,000 here so far."


"People think I'm a control freak but I just want the best for us. I want us to be the biggest band in the world and to break all the rules. I feel if I don't push we won't ever do anything different from every other fucking band."


"Oh my God - as soon as I got the rock and hit the pipe I thought my heart was gonna jump outta my chest. The whole house started shaking, rolling and shit was falling off the walls. It threw me on the ground and I realized we were having a fucking earthquake.

I didn't know what to do so I ran outside, pipe in hand, and the door locked itself behind me. I was naked and had to run around the back of my house and break the window to get in. Then the alarm went off, and security company called. Days like this I with I didn't get out of bed..."


"Just got to the gig late because of me. I think I'm in Alabama. I ran straight into Duff, he was standing there in boxer shorts, no shirt and cowboy boots. I said, Hey Duff, nice look, and he said some girl stole all his clothes when he was passed out last night. Now that's fucking funny. Ok, I need a drink.

P.S. Hey what has 48 legs and 12 teeth? The front row in Alabama..."

11 Decembrie:

"I just woke up and realized today is my birthday. I ran to the machine to check it...no messages. Nobody has called to wish me a Happy Birthday. No presents, no cards, nothing. Nice. Wake up junk sick with a head full of sorrow."

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