duminică, 20 aprilie 2008

Ce am mai ascultat in ultima vreme..

Motorhead-Kiss of death

Desi e din 2006 albumul, de-abia anul asta l-am luat la puricat si bine am facut. Ce imi place mie la formatiile astea adevarate e ca sansele sa te dezamageasca sunt foarte mici, asa ca Motorhead au reusit sa ma faca sa cant o dup-amiaza intreaga pe aici si sa headbang-uiesc de una singura (stiu, sunt dusa:P). Puncte forte: One night stand, Devil I know, Under the gun, God was never on your side. Mare om Lemmy asta, sper sa apuc sa-l vad vreodata live. Pure fucking metal!

O bucatica din Living in the past:

Don´t you speak to me no more,
After what you said before,
After all the things you swore,
Don´t speak to me no more.
Don´t you know the way we are,
Black enough to hide the stars,
Made us take our rage too far,
Don´t you know at all.
Nothing is what we have now,
Nothing is what we´re allowed,
Nothing but an echo now,
Nothing like before.

Whitesnake-Good to be bad

Oamenii astia canta din ce in ce mai bine...si din pacate cred ca am 90% sanse sa le ratez concertul din Romania din cauza licentei. Dar sa va zic un pic de album, care m-a prins bine de tot chiar de la inceput..nu degeaba Coverdale este unul dintre cei mai buni vocali ever. Ce mi-a placut cel mai mult: Best years, Summer rain, A fool in love, All I want all I need, 'Till the end of time.

O strofa din All I want all I need:

I remember the days when we were young
I held your hand like a precious stone
It's still the same nothing's changed
Baby, I'll never ever leave you alone
When I look in your eyes I realize
All the love that I feel is true
And everything that we've been through
Baby, it's what did just to be with you

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